Thursday, January 28, 2010

Saggy Baggy...Skin?

Okay, I'm totally jumping the gun here, I know, but I've been thinking lately about saggy skin.  Weird, yes, but with my goal to lose 100 pounds this year, I think it will be pertinent in time.

I can only imagine that because my skin has been stretched over this larger frame for so long, losing the fat underneath will result in some sagginess.  And I'm okay with that.  I mean really, being a size 10 with some saggy skin will be much more desirable for me than being a fully filled out size 24!

But what I'm wondering there anything I should be doing now that can help my skin 'spring back' a bit more than doing nothing?  Anyone heard of anything?  Not some "miracle cream" that costs a fortune, but solid, practical advice?

I'm hoping my age (still kinda youngish?  at least I like to think so...ha!) and my genetics (my mom will turn 60 next month, but could easily pass for 49!) will help me in this department...but just wondering if any of you all had any advice for someone who is expecting to lose some major weight this year?  I think I'll be hardest hit in my upper arms and my belly...and I'd love to show both off someday without significant saggy skin!

In other news...I took the dog for a walk this morning, despite the single digits!  The wind wasn't blowing, so that helped...though by the end of the walk I was wishing for a knit face mask to wear (even though those are scary-lookin').  Another strange thing happened during my walk...I got this urge a couple of times to start jogging!  Um...I'm not exactly a runner.  I mean, I used to be...after college I was in better shape and ran 2-3 miles a day for a while there.  I even ran a 10K a few years ago.  But it has been quite some time before I've done any jogging/running.  I'm talking years.  Once I'm in shape enough to have the stamina to run for more than a block, then running begins to become fun for me.  But I'll never be a marathoner I'm sure.  I know...never say never, right?  Well, I didn't break into the jog today when I got the urge...not sure why...but I may just start to mix it up a bit on my walks.  Goodness knows I could use it and so could the pooch.

Yesterday was a rougher day for me temptation-wise.  I didn't give into eating poorly or eating things I know I shouldn't, but I was tempted hard-core.  First time I've felt that level of temptation since I started this deal 3 weeks ago.  Don't know what was different about yesterday.  I think maybe it was because I was feeling a bit run down and not the best and just wanted to snuggle up in the recliner all day and eat easy comfort food.  BUT I didn't!  I worked out (only once instead of twice) and ate healthy stuff (though I did fall on the 'snacky' side of things and could have ate less...but it was all healthier fare!).  I know the temptations will come and go - sometimes easy to handle and other times a challenge - but I'm not scared of them!

Thanks for your encouragement everybody...I've loved meeting new friends and connecting with old through this forum...your comments are like food for my soul...keep 'em coming!


  1. way to go Holly!! It is so encouraging to follow you on this journey. Stay strong girl:)

  2. This is probably an obvious answer, but I think regular excercise would be the best way to combat the saggy skin...That's what I'm hoping, anyway.

  3. Hi - thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I think it depends mostly on your genetics. I would suspect that most of us will see a bit of saggy skin if we lose 100 pounds or more, but if you're skin has a lot of elasticity, you'll probably be okay.

    I wonder about that myself, but you know - if I get to 100 pounds lost, I'll be happy even if my skin is a bit saggy!

  4. I have the saggy skin problem and I am hoping, by the time I reach my goal (about 15 more pounds, with time and exercise some of it will disappear. Meanwhile, if you find out what will help - let me know! I don't want surgery, that I do know.

  5. I worry about it too! But like the others above have said, I think I won't mind some saggy skin if I can be healthy and a smaller size. I hear cocoa butter or vitamin e are good to preserve skins elasticity. At least that's what we were told while pregnant. I used a combo with my a few of my pregnancies. I still got strechmarks though, but I had some BIG babies! and of course didn't lose weight after wards so my skin kept having to strech. It might be worth a try though.

    I have had a rough few days with food temptaions as well. I couldn't find those little cutie oranges at the store this week. that is what I have been snacking on when I feel the urge. I have had a few bell peppers though and a banana, but it is still hard for some reason. I am just keeping on though, hopefully I will work through it and so will you! Keep it up :)

  6. You know from what I have read, some people have NO sagging skin, while others do. Kind of like a chosen few have no stretch marks during pregnancy while most of us do... lol!!

    Here is what I have learned, because I wondered the same thing.... slow and steady is really important to low skin sagging issues, as well as exercise. It's the folks that lose super fast that have major sagging skin issues.

    I am watching my skin, and my 4 areas (boobs, stomach, arms and thighs) are turning out alright. My tummy will never be the same, but that wasn't just weight for me, but 3 big babies. But the boobs, arms and thighs are turnin' out alright!

    Probably TMI! LOL! Keep on going girl!! You are doing awesome!

  7. I worry about this too some. I know that folks who opt for weight loss surgery and lose weight very quickly have more of an issue than those who lose it slower. The other thing I've read is that exercise can actually restore skin elasticity because of the increased blood flow it creates.

    I'm with you tho on being a smaller size even if it means saggy skin. We can deal with that issue when it happens, but it's good to think about now!

  8. Hi. Saggy-baggy skin is inevitable to some degree. I let my horror of it siderail me for a while. There is a theory that it's because there is still fat that needs burning off but I don't see how that can be the whole story. Younger people, especially women before menopause have stretchy skin so given a chance much of the baggy skin will go back to normal. I know a few people who heave resorted to surgery. It is hideous surgery and I would never go there for myself.

    The best thing you can do is exercise so that there is more muscle and less fat beneath your skin and keep your skin well nourished with moisturiser and oil if need be. When you see the results of weight loss on your skin you might want to be patient and wait a few years .... I'm told, something like 7.

    ON HYC which is where I found you, there are quite a few bloggers who have lost a lot of weight and been at goal for a while. Watch out for them and ask what happened to their skin.

    You're doing a great job. Blessings

  9. Hi All! Thanks for your comments! It makes me feel a bit better to know that what I am already doing (ie - exercising daily) will be one of the things to help my skin rebound after years of being stretched out. And, like most of you, saggy skin will not deter me from getting thin & healthy! Though if there is a way to help it "de-stretch", I'm all for it (surgery-free options, that is!)
    SO - I will continue to exercise, stay well-hydrated and probably get into the habit of putting lotion with vitamin E on all of the 'risk areas' on a daily basis. I'll have to revisit this post in a year from now to see what the situation is then!

    Thanks again for your help and comments/encouragement!