Monday, January 25, 2010

Non-Scale Victories! (because this week I need them...)

It just so happens that my NSV post coincides with my weigh-in day this week!  So you'll be getting both in one post!


1.  Found $20!
Okay, so money isn't directly related to weight loss, but on Sunday I took the dog for a full walk around the block.  It isn't a huge block, mind you, but it is doing more than I had been doing in terms of walking.  I figured out that if I walked in the street I could avoid most of the slippery 'death traps' that existed on the sidewalk.  So since Friday I have walked the dog around the block at least once a day.  But on Sunday I was on my walk, coming around the curve and right there in my path, laying on the street was a fully intact $20 bill!  It was on the road in front of a park, so there was no way to discern who it could have belonged at that moment I made myself the owner!  I figured it was God's way of telling me He was smiling on my healthy choices.  Yay!  (I later used the $20 to buy a baby gift for my friend that had a little boy on Saturday, pay for parking at the hospital when I went to visit him and buy myself a grande non-fat sugar free 1/2 espresso vanilla latte from the 'Bucks...YUM!

2.  No More Constricting Pants!
I haven't dropped a size...yet!  But my size 24 jeans which have previously fit me well are now starting to fit me loosely.  My hope is that within a week or so, I won't be able to wear the 24's at all because they will be ridiculously baggy.  This week I did put on some size 22 jeans that I had stopped wearing because they were so tight I couldn't wear them buttoned.  If I wore them I used to have to leave them unbuttoned and tuck the loose ends in so that it was noticeable under my shirt that my pants were unbuttoned.  BUT earlier this week when I put them on, I could comfortably wear them buttoned all day long.  They weren't baggy by any means, but they were comfortable.

3.  Kids Following in my Footsteps
See THIS POST for more on that...

4.  Recognizing & Stopping
Last night we had a (very disappointing) Vikings Championship Playoffs party at our house with our small group.  We made some ULTRA-DELISH Turkey & Wild Rice stew (recipe coming later this week) and homemade bread.  But people arrived and brought food too.  Things like meatballs, banana cake and a caramel/chocolate Chex Mix blend (a la 'Puppy Chow' style).  I did GREAT about avoiding the sweets like the cake and the Chex Mix...even though they looked awesome.  So NSV #1.  #2 came after I indulged a bit too much on the meatballs and homemade bread.  I felt too full after that and recognized that I was eating for the taste and/or because everyone else was eating...but not because I was hungry nor because my body needed the sustenance.  SO I stopped eating.  For the rest of the night.  I didn't get hungry again, so I just stopped.  No more food was needed, even though plenty was available.  I just stopped...yay!

5.  Exercise
I worked out 1-2 times EVERY DAY this week from Sunday through Saturday.  Yesterday (Sunday) was my "day off" from exercise, though  I did still do the walk with the dog.  And now I'm getting ready to do my workout this morning. 

And totally unrelated to the NSV's is my actual weight loss this week.  I say that because regardless of what my loss may or may not have been, the NSV's above reflect a healthier lifestyle...and that always equals a WIN!

Unfortunately my weight did not change ONE SINGLE OUNCE from last Monday weigh in. 
My current weight (as of 01/25) is:  282.2

For a total loss this week of 0 pounds and ounces!

Am I bummed?  Initially, yes.  Especially because when I posted this teaser (at the bottom of the post) that was because I had weighed myself on Friday morning for a 'sneak peak' and I weighed in then at 279.8!  I was super excited and then got all cocky, saying if I didn't screw up the weekend...yada yada yada.

While I don't think I completely screwed up the weekend, I think there is always room for evaluation and adjustment if needed.  So I evaluated in the shower (and then weighed myself again when I got out...hoping that somehow the scale had magically washed away a few pounds.  Nope.).  This is what I came up with...

1 - While I did a great job of only eating the types of foods I want my lifestyle to reflect (ie - whole foods, whole grains, as natural as possible, etc.) there were a couple times that I knowingly at too much.  One was at a friend get together on Saturday night.  I didn't need the whole grain Triscuits and artichoke dip...I just ate it because it was the only thing there I did feel comfortable eating.  But I didn't need it.  Above I mentioned how I recognized that I ate more food at the football party than needed to as well...even though it was all healthy, natural stuff.  I'm going to work on continuing to recognize why I am eating, and then only eating when my body needs it and what my body really needs.

2 - I still eat too fast sometimes.  I am going to work on eating slower, putting the fork down between bites, etc.  

3 - You saw my post about getting better sleep, right?  I'm gonna work on that - minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night this entire week is my goal. (my first night was last night...slept from 11:45 pm til 6:45 AM...7 hours exactly!!)

4 - Water.  I drink mostly water during the day, but I haven't been tracking how much I've been drinking.  I've been drinking more than I used to, but perhaps not enough to continue to flush my system and keep it well hydrated.  I'm going to count at least 64 oz of water every day this week.  (Though I heard once upon a time that for weight loss we need to drink 1 oz. of water for every pound we weigh every day.  Could that be right?  Because that'd be 282 oz. of water, which seems redonkulous to me...anybody that can give me your insight on that?)

5 - Not stressing out about it.  I knew going into this LONG journey that there WOULD BE weeks that I didn't lose A SINGLE OUNCE.  There may even be weeks when I gained a wee bit.  And there will be weeks....many, many, MANY of them where I lose.  Next week is a new weigh in and a new Monday...where there will hopefully be a loss and there will DEFINITELY be lots of NSV's!!!


  1. so glad to hear you are doing so well! I know it is disappointing to not lose an ounce, especially when you do feel like you are making good choices and working hard. But keep at it and you will succeed! I weigh tomorrow and I think I better do an all day "last chance workout" today because I was on a retreat this weekend and ate a bit off of what I should.

    have a great week :)

  2. Some great reflections this week! You really had some great NSV and I love that you're focusing on them and spending some time evaluating where you could improve, rather than just being bummed. It's been a disappointing two weeks for me, so I completely understand not seeing the scale move the way we'd hoped, but really the only failure is quitting...and we're not doing that. Great post!

  3. Thanks gals! I'm not letting the 0 weight loss week wear me down...I saw a quote on another blog that said something to the effect of "Through the greatest struggle comes the greatest triumph"...even through the struggles let's continue strong in our journey...because the triumphs WILL BE SWEET, won't they?!

  4. Wow, it sounds like you did great! I haven't dropped any sizes yet either, but like you my pants are fitting better. We were bummed about the Vikings, too (Farve fans here lol.) I saw a snippet in Fitness magazine about a weighted knife and fork...yes, for real, they are one pound weights with a fork and a knife at the end of each. Talk about having to eat slowly lol! Hope you have a good week!