Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Weight Loss Bucket List!

Have you seen that movie, The Bucket List?  The one with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson?  Basically about a couple of guys that are terminally ill, but with the last amount of energy and health they have left, they escape from the hospital and set out to accomplish as many of the things they want to do before they die...the things on their 'Bucket List'. 

Well I've been mentally compiling a 'bucket list' of sorts for some time now.  But this is a weight loss bucket list - the things I can't wait to do or be able to do as my size decreases and my health and fitness increases.  This IS a list that will keep being added to...and I'll update when I achieve something on my bucket list too!  A link to this post will be in the sidebar, so you can always check in and see what's been added to this bucket list OR which items I have achieved!

NOTE:  These are in no particular order...and they will be added to as new ideas arise.  
As I reach one of these 'bucket list' milestones, I will cross it out so I can keep track! 

1.  Be able to wear my REAL weddiing band.
(For the last little while I've been wearing a fake b/c my fingers are too fat!)
2.  To be able to wrap a regular towel around my body with NO gaps!
3.  To NOT have the armrests at the movie theater gouge into my hips.
4.  To NOT have to stretch a airplane seatbelt out to the very end to get it to fit around me...all the while praying that I won't have to ask for an extension belt!
5. Move down in sizes to fit comfortably in size 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, and dare I say it?  Size 10!
6. To see my collarbone again!
7. To be able to bend over (tie shoes, paint toenails, etc) without feeling like the blood is rushing to my head and that my breathing is constricted.
8.  To be able to reach the top of the rock climbing wall at REI
9.  For my husband to be able to pick me up in a "carry-you-over-the-threshold" way.
10.  To fit into my wedding lingerie again.
11.  To wear a bathing suit and NOT have my thighs stuck together as I walk around
12.  To be able to jog a mile without stopping...then two and then THREE miles!
13.  To see someone I haven't seen in a while and have them be floored at my new size!
14.  To be able to buy clothing that fits from a 'normal sized' store
15.  To weigh UNDER 200 pounds!
16.  To reach my goal weight of 175!
17.  To own (and wear) a cutsie matching bra and panty set

What are YOUR weight loss 'bucket list' items?


  1. You know, this is the umpteenth time I have been reminded about my own bucket list....and that it doesn't exist yet on paper! So good to get it written down, I love yours!

  2. I love your bucket list. I guess it's time to do my own. You've inspired me.

  3. Cheryl & "Weighting Around"...definitely do you own weight loss (or just 'life') bucket lists...and post 'em! And let me know that you did so I can check it out!

    Already thought of another thing I wanted to add to my bucket list...gonna head on over there and do it!

  4. Love this!! I'm going to have to use your idea.

    Your blog is so neat..thanks for stopping by mine. Come back and visit anytime.


  5. I just got to your blog. I think I want to be the weight when I married my wife. 45lbs down 25lbs to go. Then I want to be the weight when I thought I was a stud 45lbs down 55lbs to got. I am new to the blog world and I live out side of the normal blog posts. I'm located at Stop in and let me know what you think.