Monday, January 18, 2010

A Lot of Misc...

Today was Weigh In Day...and I anticipated the weight loss would be significantly less than it was last week.  I was right!  But there was weight loss - another 1.4 pounds, bringing my weight down to 282.2 (from the 291.2 that it was just 2 weeks ago!).  I knew I would not be keeping up a 7 pound a week weight loss, like what happened my first week.  Like Heidi said at Destination Skinny, I am not on the Biggest Loser show where I have 6-8 hours a day to work out with trainers and doctors and nutritionists to monitor every morsel I put in my mouth!  But I AM only 1 pound away from achieving my weight loss goal for this month, and there are 13 days left in the month!  So I will get there...and I'm pleased with my results thus far.

I was thinking about NSV's (Non-Scale Victories...Kris at Eclipsed introduced me to the idea) while I was in the shower after my weigh-in.  Two more NSV's came to mind for me today.

1 - Skinny Ankles!  Last March my ankles begin swelling like nothing else.  We couldn't figure out why, but because swollen ankles can be a sign of heart issues, I went to the doctor.  They did a whole workup on my heart and found it was functioning just fine (thank goodness).  BUT my blood pressure was officially high...actually pretty significantly high.  I had been pre-hypertensive for several years, but it had never jumped into the 'high' range.  My doctor put me on a diuretic which also controls blood pressure.  It brought my BP down, but my ankles remained fairly swollen for MONTHS...causing me to only be able to wear a couple of my shoes because my feet were too fat to go into many of my other shoes.  As we got into winter, the swelling decreased a bit, but it was still notable.  This morning, as I took my socks off after my workout I noticed that my ankles are officially back to skinny!  No swelling!  Think it may have something to do with my diet change and recent increased activity? Yup, me too!  I imagine it has done good things for my BP too...I'll have to have that checked.  (naughty me, after my former doc stopped practicing to stay home with her kids, I haven't gotten a new doc...and thus never had my prescription for BP meds refilled...but hopefully I don't even need them now!)

2 - No More Tight Pants!  Though I haven't gotten to the point of dropping a size yet (can't wait!), my pants ARE feeling MUCH more comfortable!  They were all starting to put the squeeze on me in the waist, but I noticed as I put on my jeans this morning that they don't constrict at all!  The difference nearly 10 pounds can make.  Yay!

Okay, I have to share with you about my breakfast.  The one I was super dee duper excited about eating!

A little background on "my eating plan":  I'm not really following a specific plan, but am incorporating elements of things that have worked for me in the past AND that support the overall permanent lifestyle changes I am making for me and my family.  SO my DH and I started Jan. 4th to do two weeks of Phase 1 from the South Beach diet.  Basically Phase 1 eliminates all grains, sugars and high carb products.  This is to give your body a chance to recover from the super high carb diet it had become accustomed to eating.  Unfortunately this phase does not allow whole grains or fruit either...for the purpose of 're-wiring' your body.  This phase isn't intended to be a long phase though, because it is so restrictive.  South Beach recommends two weeks, but suggests you listen to your body and do what your body needs, more or less.  My body had been sending me signals in the last couple of days that I really needed some whole grains and/or fruit back in my diet.  So I decided to move out of Phase 1 starting today.  DH is deciding to stay in it for another week ( guy has lost 12 pounds in the last two weeks and I am WAY proud of him...GO HONEY!). I'll begin adding whole grains and fruit back into my diet...but otherwise keeping it as sugar-free as possible.  I've decided that for this first week back to grains and fruits in my diet...and knowing my own capability of going 'hog-wild', I'm going to restrict myself to one serving of whole grains and one serving of fruit each day.  That seems counter-intuitive, because both are very healthy for you...but my vices are sweets and I know I need to ease myself back into it gradually.

I've been planning this breakfast for a couple of I had my serving of whole grains AND a half a serving of fruit in my breakfast meal!  It was Steel Cut Oatmeal (1/4 cup dry) with 1/3 of a HUGE apple (shared the rest with my 2 daughters), cinnamon, 1 T of Splenda and some milk.

(I had that oatmeal with a cup of coffee with SF Vanilla, Splenda & milk in it too)

Believe it or not, those Steel Cut Oats I've had in my cupboard for YEARS!  I actually think they may have moved to this house with us (and we've been here four years...).  They were a former diet throwback...back when Oprah raved about steel cut oats on her Boot Camp weight loss show and I was confident that was the secret to losing weight.  Must have only tried them once though, because the container was nearly full.  Thank goodness they keep well!  Steel cut are closer to the original oat grain than rolled oats are...but otherwise the nutritional facts between the two are pretty similar.  It does take about a 1/2 hour to cook steel cut oats though.

BUT I found that making one serving would fit beautifully in this cute little tiny saucepan I have but hardly ever use because it is so small!

Look at that cute little saucepan!
(The front one...I was making up some hard-boiled eggs for quick snacks in the back one!)

In the past I packed my oatmeal with white sugar, brown sugar, butter, milk and cinnamon.  Hardly a good-for-you breakfast then!  Today I just added the cut up apples, cinnamon and some Splenda...and it was SO GOOD!  I actually want to get off of artificial sweeteners in time too...I have a couple of bags of Splenda...again a throwback from other diet plans.  But long-term I'd rather use natural sweeteners like honey, stevia, sucanat or agave nectar as much as possible.

Did you weigh in today?  What were your NSV's?  Any favorite new & improved meal you've tried lately?  Share away in the comments...I'd love to share in your successes!!!


  1. I DID weight in today! And,...drum roll....down 3.6 pounds for a total of 6.2 since Jan 1. Yah! Seeing the needle on the scale move to the left is great, but gathering up all those NSV is such a wise thing I think. Will start my own list I think! Way to go Holly on the past week, we're gonna make it!

  2. FYI to make eating steel cut oats easier since they take SO long to prepare, you can prep multiple servings at once and then freeze in pre-separated portions! It freezes pretty well, then you can just take out one serving and microwave for 2-4 minutes depending on your microwave (check & stir after 1.5 minutes) It also makes it portable so you could take it to work or something if you are on the run and don't have the time to prep it every morning :)

  3. WTG on the weight-loss! I hear ya on the oatmeal. Our favorite way to eat it, in the past, was baked -- which involved oil, eggs, white sugar, brown get the idea. Delicious, but not very good for weight-loss efforts. I've discovered, though, that oats are pretty good with a little brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla.

  4. @Cheryl - Congrats on the 3.6 loss - that's phenomenal! The scale moving is great, but I'm loving recognizing the NSV's too!

    @Anonymous (aka-my sistah!) - Thanks for the info about steel cut oats...just yesterday I was thinking about making a double batch...but then I got to wondering how well it'd reheat...thanks for filling me in!

    @WeirdUnsocializedMom - ooh never thought of vanilla in oatmeal...sounds yums! Gonna have to try it...thanks for the idea!