Thursday, January 21, 2010

Icebergs & Temptation

Today felt a bit like a cheat day...even though it wasn't.  Not really anyway.  Kinda?

Got up this morning and decided I was going to take the dog for a walk around the blog - since I did say that I was going to begin doing that after all...and I hadn't done it yet!  So PJ...(here he is...)

(...totally adorable, isn't he?)  is in need of getting WAY more daily exercise than he does (kinda like me!).  A walk around the block is a good start, right?

I haven't totally been trying to be a slacker though...I haven't done any walks around the block with the poor pooch in recent weeks because of this:

...okay, so there isn't a glacier in our front yard (though near enough!), but since the Big Warm-Up (into the 30's) this past weekend, the snow on the sidewalks melted, flooding the sidewalks in our neighborhood.  Easy to figure out what happens next...when the temps dipped at night, the flooded sidewalks turned to ice...skating rinks that is!  And they have stayed that way ever since...the sidewalks have been begging to claim a victim!

But, feeling convicted, I had to give it a go this morning.  We crossed across the road (via the passageway my son and I shoveled weeks ago - through the four foot mounds of snow dividing the sidewalk from the road) and tried walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the street.  I know the sun doesn't hit that side too much, so I thought perhaps it'd be less icy.  At first it seemed like a brilliant idea.  But then I found myself trapped.  Four foot mounds of snow trapping me in on one side.  Houses on the other, and sheer ice under my feet that even my four-legged friend couldn't get a grip on!  Miraculously I didn't fall, though I'm sure I provided great entertainment for the neighbors as I slid clumsily along, praying that my 75 pound dog wouldn't suddenly see a rabbit, get his footing and take off dragging me behind!

All was well in the end though, and I probably got a pretty decent core workout with all the balancing that was going on!  I have decided though, that regular walks outside with the dog will not be happening until the ice melts completely OR I outfit myself with proper crampons and an ice pick.

That being said, I did get my morning Wii workout in this morning...which was a Core workout (guess the walk warmed me up!).  I still have TWO 10-minute workouts to do (30-day Jump Start) because I missed my 10 minute workout last night.  I am going to do them back to back tonight after I get done writing this post.

I think my eating was just fine today, but I did have a few foods that I haven't had in nearly 3 weeks!  Nothing outrageous, but some processed stuff AND accidental sugar!  At our homeschool co-op, there is always a wonderful lunch/appetizer/dessert spread for our Mom's meeting time.  There are always fruit/veggie options, so I was counting on that going in.  But there weren't extensive choices this time.  So this is what I had while there:

4 (seriously, JUST four) tortilla chips
1/2 c. (estimating) of Taco Dip (which was made with refried beans, sour cream, salsa, cream cheese and green onions)
2 celery sticks and 2 carrot sticks
1 Clementine orange (Cuties)

BUT the thing that I was really bummed about was the pop I drank!  I opened the RC bottle truly thinking it was diet, because usually the only type of pop at co-op is diet.  And I hardly ever drink RC, so I'm not savvy enough to know what their 'Regular' and their 'Diet' labels look like.  So I poured a drink - about 8 oz.  Drank it and later was gonna refill, but THAT time I realized it was NOT a diet pop.  OH NO!  Looks like the damage was 110 calories and a whole heck of a lot of sugars that my body DID NOT need!

BUT...the YAY in the equation is that I resisted the cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies AND Boston Creme Cake that was on the same table as the stuff I chose above.  I did find that it took more of a fight to resist temptations this afternoon/evening than it has over the past nearly 3 weeks...and I bet it is because of the sugar rush that glass of pop sent through my system.

Feeling good now, but a bit guilty that I haven't gotten those other two workouts in yet that I need for today and to make up for yesterday.  So I better get going!!!

How did your day go today?  

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