Saturday, January 23, 2010

Homemade Bread

In the last three days I've made 3 loaves of bread.  Homemade!  Well, kinda.  The Ultimate Breadman machine gives me a hand.

Okay, so all I really do is put the ingredients into The Ultimate Breadman in the right order and Breadman does all the rest himself.

As a result of two of our main family goals this year (1. Being Frugal and 2. Eating Clean), I've decided to make our bread at home.  That way I know exactly what goes into it, it is fresh thus no preservatives, etc.

We've had the Breadman for a while and have used it here and there.  But never regularly.  Until now.

I found a recipe in the Breadman recipe book for 100% Whole Wheat bread.  I made a loaf and it was an instant hit with our family...even for our VERY picky 5 year old!

The kiddos loving their bread!!

However, the loaves are smaller than commercial sized bread loaves, so we go through them quickly.  Today everyone had a slice of bread with their breakfast and some again for an afternoon snack.  That left the "butt" so-to-speak, which my husband finished off as I was loading Breadman for a new loaf.  

Next week I'm going to try making a blended flour bread using whole wheat flour, brown rice flour and spelt flour together.  I'll let you know how that turns out!  Also, if you want the Breadman recipe for this 100% Whole Wheat bread, let me know in the comments and I'll get it posted.

PS  - I had some grocery shopping fun today!  Did a pretty major shop...and guess what?  I shopped nearly entirely in the perimeter and the ethnic food section and organic/natural foods section.  I bought some things I've never used/tried before - and I'm excited to try them next week.  Things like Quinoa...anyone have a great recipe using that?  I also got lots o fruit and veggies...YUM!

PSS...or is it PPS?  Anyway...we had our regular pizza & a movie Friday night...with only a slight variation. Hubs and I used a Boboli 100% Whole Grain crust and it was way yums!  I know that I ate one piece too much for supper though...because I wanted the taste.  Oops.  I am glad I happened to have eaten lighter during the day because even though we took a couple steps to make the homemade pizza a bit more healthy, what I ate tonight probably set me back close to 800 calories itself.  So I had no snacks after supper (took some conscious effort), but am still confident my total calories stayed under 2000 for the day, which is still in a weight-loss realm for me.  Next time I'm gonna put some veggies on the pizza like broccoli.  Here's some pics of the 'Before Pizza Creation':

However, Miss Sassafrass thought the picture would look MUCH better with her addition, here:

OOooh...speaking of weight loss, I took a sneak peak at the scale today...and it is down again!  Will only do my official weigh in on Monday, so I'll report it for you there, but suffice to say that unless I really screw up the weekend, I should surpass my January goal with my weigh-in on Monday!  YIPPEE!!


  1. I started making our own bread las spring. I have a recipie that makes 2 loaves at a time and We usually go through a loaf a day! But not always, I try to make it twice a week but once in a while it's three times. I can count on one hand the number of times we have bought bread in the last year. I love having good natural ingredients and no preservatives. And home made bread just makes the house smell good doesn't it? Congrats, keep it up!! :)

  2. Thanks Deanna! Since your bread recipe makes 2 at a time, you must not have a breadman machine helping you do most of the work like I do (I cheat!). But I DO love the homemade is SO tasty and my kids love it (bonus!). And you are right - the house smells FABULOUS!

  3. could you email that whole wheat recipe?! can't wait to try it out, Rich loves homemade bread and I haven't been able to find any good recipes yet