Sunday, January 17, 2010


My sister Michelle lost a good amount of weight in the last couple years by doing exactly what I am embarking on doing...eating more naturally and exercising regularly.  I've talked to her a lot about the lifestyle changes she made, and suggestions she has for someone just starting out.  Though she lives many states away in Colorado, she has been a wonderful support in my weight loss endeavors!

AND she surprised me a few days ago when she told me that there would be a couple things arriving at my house to help me and DH with our new healthy living lifestyle!

The first gifty to arrive was this:

We are NOT doing a 'diet' per se...but this book is not at all a diet anyway (even though it is in the title).  Our desire is to eliminate as many processed foods from our consumption as possible...and this book gives clear guidance and practical pointers for how to 'make the switch'.  The first several chapters in the book are education-based...educating ME on the how and why of 'eating clean' (basically eating as naturally as possible).  Then there are several chapters giving recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides and treats.  And the recipes are NORMAL!  Don't you hate when a diet cookbook is full of strange recipes that call for all sorts of obscure ingredients?  Not true with this book.  And it is family for pancakes, pizza, hamburgers and birthday cake!  After flipping through the recipe section I can confidently say there isn't a recipe I wouldn't try.  After I work through this book and try several recipes, I will do a proper review on Making Over Me.  However, if you are interested in picking up this book for yourself, it is for sale on Amazon right now for $13.57.


The Biggest Loser for Wii program!!!  I'm so excited to put this to use!  I got my profile all set up today...and picked Jillian to be my trainer.  It says on the program that Jillian is a tough trainer who will take no excuses and will have no mercy.  What am I getting myself into?!  :)

For my first workout challenge on this program it will be a 4 week workout program and Jillian has set my weight loss goal during that period to be 19 pounds!  Wow that is WAY more aggressive than my own goal of 10 pounds in a month.  But hey, if Jillian (and I!) can make it happen, I'm all for it!

A full review will be coming on this program too...perhaps after this first 4 week program goal!

TOMORROW is Weigh-In Day!  I'm a little nervous.  I know I ate well this week AND began exercising...but my first week of weight loss was so dramatic (7.6 pounds!), AND I've heard that week 2 of a weight loss program often has significantly lower losses reported.  I'd still like a loss of 2 pounds or more...but we'll see what I get!

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  1. Hey I am in Colorado too :) small world! I hope your weigh in goes well. I may have to check out that book, sounds right up my ally as well.

    I really want a wii. I almost bought one for the family for Christmas but my husband wanted a droid (new cell phone) so he won out :)

    I am thinking of getting a dance game for our computer so maybe I can use that, have to check into it a bit more though.

    good luck this week!