Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gettin' Creative!

So on my Gonna Want This blog, I am participating in the Eat from the Pantry Challenge hosted by Money Saving HERE to see more about what that is...


Because of our Eat from the Pantry Challenge, we are trying to be creative with our meals, using as much of the 'stockpile' foods we have in the pantry/fridge/freezer (you know, the foods you never use and they just linger in your kitchen and get pushed to the back over and over again).  We are hoping to save some cha-ching this way and revitalize our cupboards...but in the process we are learning some new meals!


The Turkey Salad that my husband put together yesterday on the spot!  Okay, so he's always been good at making up meals, but this was delish!  Might have something to do with the fact that we've been going through essentially a sugar/carb detox for the last week and have felt like all we've been eating is eggs, meat and cheese  peppered with some veggies here and there.

We did have a frozen turkey in our deep freeze that the hubs pulled out, defrosted and cooked.  We had a number of yummy meals, including one with some great friends this past weekend!  However, driving home from THIS field trip with our kiddos, and I was rehashing what we had in the fridge to come up with something quick and easy for lunch...but kinda coming up empty.  Little did I know the hubs had an idea up his sleeve!  When we got home in minutes he whipped up this awesome Turkey Salad!

Here's the "recipe" (I put that in quotes because there really is no recipe...basically toss in what you have that makes sense and blend together to reach your desired mix!)...this is what we (he) did:

Turkey Breast meat, diced
Light Mayo (some like a lot, some like a what you like!)'
Parmesan Cheese
celery, diced
red onion, chopped
sunflower seeds

and that's it!  For real!  But it was so yums...AND there could be endless additional add-ins like:

Green onions
Grapes (weird, but I've seen it done and be good!)
Bacon Bits (the real deal - no Bacos)
Peppers - green, red, yellow, etc
Shredded Cheese (any type)

Hmm...what else? 

If you were making the Turkey Salad above, what new ingredient would you add?

PS - You can totally do this dish with chicken breast instead of turkey...try it out for any easy peasy (and healthy) lunch dish...and comment back!

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  1. I am soooo into red bell pepper, so that would be one thing. And, I'd totally go for the grapes. Had a chicken dish once with halved green grapes in a white sauce and it was AMAZING. Umm, I'm also an olive girl so I'd experiment with either black or green or maybe both.

    Thanks for sharing how simple it can be to eat what we have in the fridge!