Sunday, January 10, 2010


For a LONG time...I mean a REALLY long time...I have desired to write for pleasure...but also as a way to bring income to the family.  I love to write and constantly have new ideas about what to write about galloping through my head!

I don't see myself as a 'genre writer' because I have so many varied ideas that I couldn't possibly stick to one genre!  I have ideas for fiction novels, non-fiction books, childrens stories, how-to guidebooks, devotionals, homeschool curriculum, journalistic articles, short stories, and even web copy or grant writing!

I got my first PAID writing gigs this year...HOW EXCITING!  I wrote web copy for a local youth missions organization.  The first gig was a fairly big one...but the best compliment was that they approached me again for some additional work later this fall.  I would definitely like to build on that in a freelancing sense while I work on getting a book written.

Soo....I'm working on developing a freelance writing 'business'...and am going to go trolling for clients soon!  Here are some things I will be working on as I move towards getting my freelance business going!

Read up on making money through blogging at sites like Freelance Writing Gigs and ProBlogger.

Put together my portfolio based on the volunteer and now paid writing that I have done in recent years.

Order some basic business cards from VistaPrint (250 for FREE) and get my website set up (work with hubby on this!).

Send query letters to local non-profits offering my writing services

Continue to have fun building my blogs!

That's a good start for now, dontcha think?  We'll see where this year takes me on this writing journey...I am certainly glad I've actually FINALLY started down this road!  YAY!

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