Sunday, January 3, 2010

The First Day...

of 2010!!!  (well actually it was 3 days ago, but I'm delayed posting due to my grandfather's funeral this weekend)

I remember when the year 2000 seemed like a far-off reality...let alone 2010!  But here it is and here am I!  Age 35 with a wonderful husband and delightful children.  With goals that I've always had in the back of my mind but never really have focused myself in on achieving.  But this is the year and the decade that it will happen...all through my endeavors to "Make Over Me!"

From a gift my husband I ended 2009 pampering myself and gearing up to start 2010 as a new me!  I got over 8 inches cut off my hair, had a facial/microdermabrasion and eyebrow wax.  But that was just a physical manifestation of what I've been pondering in my heart for quite some time!

For those of you that know me, it is no secret that I've struggled with my weight for nearly my entire adult life.  I've had some success with losing some weight here and there, but never any long-term success.  I know everything I need to know to move my body towards thinness and health and just need to take the steps to get there.  No crash diets, no insane workout plans...just a healthy living overhaul!  The goal I will achieve in 2010 will be to lose 100 pounds or more.  That is just about 8 pounds a month and totally do-able.

Here is me - this pic was taken January 2, 2010:

But my weight-loss is not the only way I intend to "Make Over Me".  There are other areas of my life that I desire to improve, grow in, learn about and experience more of!  To keep myself focused, I will post on a different topic every week.  These will be my daily post themes:

HEALTH (Monday) - this category involves eating healthy, exercising, losing weight, using nature to be more healthy (in food choices, supplements, treating medical concerns, getting my body ready to carry a baby, etc.

HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT (Tuesday) - this involves home organization, time management, family organization/management, etc. All of this leads to better efficiency for me and our family!

MOTHERHOOD (Wednesday) - learning how to be the best mom I can be! This includes my learning on things like discipline, teaching and creative & fun parenting!  As a homeschooling mama, some posts about that may appear here too!

LIVING SIMPLY (Thursday) - also known as "getting back to basics".   I long to live a much more simple and uncluttered life - not just materially speaking, but overall.

ENTREPRENUERSHIP/FRUGALITY (Friday) - first of all, is that a word? :) Anyway, the idea here is focusing time, energy and creative juices on developing an ability to make money being my own boss. The main areas this will be devoted to is honing my writing and the ability to turn that into something that can make money for us AND however I may be able to work with Robert to help further the success and financial gain from our real-estate business ( This category will also include other ways I can help save my family money - things like bargain hunting!

APPEARANCE (Saturday) - I feel shallow writing that, but I need this category to be distinguished from weight loss. Certainly losing weight will improve my appearance, but that doesn't mean my appearance should be "on hold" until the weight has been lost. I think I have been living that way somewhat - that I don't focus as much on my appearance now because I know that I won't truly look my best until I shed 100 pounds. But I will still look better if I do some work on my appearance. This will include things like dress, make-up, skin-care, etc.

CREATIVITY (Sunday) - I have a creative/artsy side, but I've never focused it long enough on something to really develop an expertise. I'd like to complete some of the creative projects I've begun in the past and really work on developing my ability in other areas of creativity - in particular sewing and other homemaking abilities that can benefit my family!



  1. Looks good! I am excited to join you in your journey!

  2. Wow! Have to say that I love hanging around with people who have really big dreams....and that's why I love you, Holly! Amazing plans and I'm honored to walk with you in 2010. I can hardly wait to see us at this time next year!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Heidi & Cheryl! So far down 4 pounds, so it feels good! Love following your journey too!

  4. Hey there! So excited for you in this first month to freedom and health!! woo hoo!

    Just wanted to come over and cheer you on!! You can do it! keep pressing into Jesus, and holding His hand, and you can't help but succeed!!

    Hugs... Amy

  5. Hi Amy! Glad you found me, and thanks for the encouragement and wise words! You are right, with those purposes, success is just around the corner! Keep coming back and checking out the progress!