Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do or Do Not Challenge - Week 4

Kris at Eclipsed keeps us motivated with her weekly Do or Do Not Challenge.  Read what that is all about HERE.

So this is Week 4 already...wowsa!  Kris suggests the following challenges:

1 - Get an Accountability Partner
I feel lucky in that department.  I have several!  My husband is a built-in one...we are both on a quest to slim down and get healthy.  He encourages me in the positive choices I am making AND gently redirects me if he sees me straying from my goals.  Thanks honey!
But I also LOVE my online buddies that are on a similar journey!  A couple live in the same state as me and I hope to get together with them from time to time...like Cheryl at Losing my Behind and Heidi at Destination Skinny.  But there have been a few that I have just *met* through the blog-o-sphere but I've found a kindred spirit with...like Deanna at The Road Less Traveled, Kris at Eclipsed, Kat at Kat Does Diets and Dawn at 365 Days to a New Me.  Thanks for encouraging me ladies even if you didn't know it!  And keep up the great work!!

2 - Eat Out Challenge
Only once in my life have I looked at menus and nutritional facts online before going to a restaurant.  And in that instance it worked perfectly.  Why I didn't continue that practice, I have no idea.  But for the challenge this week I decided to plan a menu for lunch at Panera, since I will be meeting my friend there this Friday.  They have an awesome 'Build A Meal' Nutrition Calculator on their site, making my job easy!  I'm going to be looking for items that are low in carbs and sugar-free.  So here goes:

You Pick Two Featuring:
Low-Fat Black Bean Soup @ 110 calories & 2.5 g. fat
1/2 Asian Sesame Chicken Salad @ 200 calories & 10 g. fat
Water to drink
Total Calories/Fat for lunch: 310 calories & 12 g. fat

That was easier than I thought it would be, and I'm looking forward to the yummy but healthy lunch on Friday!  Thanks for the challenge Kris!


  1. What a great blog! Extremely well done.

  2. Accountability is HUGE I think. And, going public with my goals was THE best decision I have made in a very long time. It has brought new friends, tons of encouragement and yes, the "A" word! But, it's all been good.

    So, kudos to you Holly for putting yourself out there, making it all public and just going for it! There is just something so freeing in doing that!

    luv ya

  3. You're right Cheryl, letting it all 'hang out' has been a great move for me too...and very liberating! Takes away the option of quiet failure that I have fallen back on way too many times...it isn't gonna happen this time! Thanks for being part of my accountability!

  4. Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge! :)

  5. Oh, that lunch meal sounds very tasty! I'll have to remember that the next time I go to Panera. Great job on the challenges this week!