Sunday, January 17, 2010

Do or Do Not Challenge from Eclipsed

I've been a follower of Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers for quite some time, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Kris had embarked on her own weight-loss journey back in November (she started Thanksgiving week no less!) and has some similar weight loss goals to mine!  She blogs about her weight loss journey at Eclipsed No More.

She also has some great motivational quotes that she has claimed for her weight loss from the wise old sage Yoda himself!

"Do or Do Not.  There is No Try."


So Kris has invited those of us who are pursuing our weight loss goals to join her in the "Do or Do Not Challenge"!  I'm so in!

Kris posts some challenges each week, and those of us participating pursue each of those challenges in our own way.

Here have been the challenges so far:

Week #1:

1 - Write down everything you eat
I didn't join the Do or Do Not Challenge until Week 2, so I didn't write what I had been eating during week 1.  I didn't write out what I was eating every day during Week 2 either...mainly b/c I know from past experience that I am not successful in writing out my food/counting calories/points/etc.  BUT I did pay closer attention to what I was eating during Week 2, and as a result I discovered where to further modify my eating...see more under Week 2 below...

2 - Pledge your weight at the Biggest Loser Pound for Pound Challenge
I was way ahead of the game on this one!  See my post about when I pledged for the Pound for Pound Challenge!

3 - Get Moving!
I didn't 'get moving' during week 1, but I had the plan to begin exercising during Week 2, so when I joined the "Do or Do Not Challenge", I was just starting Week 2 and was definitely getting moving!  

Week #2:

1 - Track What You are Eating
As mentioned above, I have discovered through past experiences, that I don't do well with writing down everything I eat.  However I do think it is important to be cognizant of what we are putting in our mouths.  So this past week I've kept mental track of what I've been eating, and analyzing that to determine if further changes should be made.  In doing so, I discovered that I actually was eating more for breakfast than I needed.  I was often having 2 eggs over easy for breakfast, with 2-3 slices of turkey bacon.  So I pared that down to one egg and 1-2 slices of bacon and found I was still satisfied.  I also discovered I was eating nuts for my snacks more often during the day than I should.  Though nuts are a healthy snack, they are full of fat and high in calories, so they really should not be my default snack.  I decided to pare down nuts for snacking to one time per day.  

2 -   Clean Out the Kitchen!
Thankfully, due to our Eat from the Pantry Challenge we are participating in (click HERE for more info on that...), our kitchen is fairly cleaned out already.  There are a few things that DH & I will not be eating, but I wouldn't consider those items so much junk that I wouldn't be okay with my kids using them up instead.  So by default the kitchen has been cleaned out!  I have done a couple 'essentials' grocery runs this month and have replaced junk/processed foods with many more 'whole' foods...YUM!

So...Do or Do Not Challenge Team Members...HERE WE GO!  On to Week 3!  


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  1. Sounds like a great two weeks! Thanks for joining in.