Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Counting Calories...

Though this blog is intended to be an outlet for me to share many things I plan to spend 2010 'making over' in my life, the weight loss right now is the biggest and takes the most focus.  Thus most of the posts have been and will continue to be, for a while, all about weight loss!

I was thinking about how I don't keep written track of my eating over these last two weeks, nor have I counted any calories.  I've drastically changed my eating style though...and have been paying much closer attention to my portions.  I have also been paying close attention to my body.  A big thing I ask myself (and am trying to teach my children, as I see their weakness in this area...) is:  Am I really hungry, or do I just want the taste of something?

In the past, many times that I ate was simply because I wanted the taste of something.  I wasn't times I was even full!  But I would buy candy at the store, or take the second helping of a favorite meal, or eat endlessly after I put the kids in bed because I wanted the taste of ___(fill in the blank)_____.

So it is about changing my attitude toward why I eat.
Old Thinking:  I eat for pleasure, enjoyment, satisfaction
New Thinking:  I eat to best fuel my body

I know I will never be someone who records regularly my food intake and/or calories.  That really does not work for me long term.  But I will keep regular mental notice of what I am eating and how much of it and what (if any) compromises I am making with my nutrition.

However, there may be weeks where I want to buckle down or get a new perspective on my eating where keeping track by writing it down on a short-term basis will be helpful.  So I'm taking a look's a list of what I ate yesterday, and the estimated caloric amounts next to it.

1/4 c. steel cut oatmeal with 1/4 c. skim milk, 1 T. Splenda and 1/3 of a large apple    200 calories

1/2 c. fat-free cottage cheese   80 calories

12 oz. coffee with 1/4 c. skim milk, 1 T. Splenda & 1 T. sugar-free vanilla syrup    25 calories

2 hot dogs with 1 slice of cheese   340 calories

1/8 c. of cashews   120 calories

1 turkey burger with Laughing Cow cheese & a 1/2 slice of cheese & turkey bacon on top 
250 calories
1 c. of Cauliflower Smash (made w/butter & turkey bacon)    90 calories
1/2 c. cottage cheese (fat free)    80 calories

1 sf Fudge Pop   80 calories

3 T. sf pudding      25 calories

1 slice whole grain bread (homemade) with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter    100 calories

LOTS of water!!!   O Calories (yay!)


I am happy about that!  As I was adding up the details, I wasn't sure what the total might be, but I was hoping it'd be 1500 or less...but not less than 1200.  And there I go, falling right in the middle...hooray!  A good amount for keeping me nourished...not too little to put my body into starvation mode, but not too much to keep my body from losing weight.

I've been gathering inspiration for fellow bloggers who are losing or have lost...check out their blogs in my sidebar Blog Roll!

**Stay tuned for another recipe post coming up featuring another awesome & healthy recipe...Cheesy Turkey Burgers AND Cauliflower Smash!**


  1. Thanks for the encouragement. Looks like you are doing great with the eating! I am not even this precise when I write down my food. I just like seeing how many times I snuck a handful of chocolate chips or something :) I am not writing it down to keep track of calories but more to hold myself accountable for eating.

    I also wish I could change my habits from emotional eating/pleasure eating to just eating to live. Hopefully that will come as I address my issues and make new habits.

    I think it's great we are neck and neck. I don't often find people close to my weight with the same goals both for weightloss as well as just the whole eating naturally as opposed to trying the latest fad diet. Thanks for the support and I too want to lose more then 100 but I figured that was a good goal for a year as well.

    What fun to have a partner in this journey :) thanks! keep up the good work!

  2. Those of us who have used food too much for pleasure DO need to throw that switch inside of us and pay better attention to how all this pleasure is actually fueling our bodies. But, I think to remove the idea of pleasure completely, well, I don't think that will work for me. Looks like you included some yummy treats, that's great!

    I like to remind myself that I taste the food in my mouth, not my stomach, so "slow it down Cheryl, and savor it." It's working!

    That said, I DO have triggers! And, for now, I'm keeping them out of the house. Great post, Holly, you are doing great!

  3. @Deanna - I hear ya about not being precise when writing down food...actually I never write down food! This post was just a "let's see" kind of check what my caloric intake was, since I wasn't writing any of it down! It is fun being 'bloggy buddies' with you, especially with our similar goals and outlooks on things! If we get out to Colorado this spring (and we are hoping to...) we'll have to have coffee or something!

    @Cheryl - you know, you are totally right! There is a balance, isn't there? Yes, I agree, there should be some pleasure in eating (hence the fudge pop goodies or finding ways to make chicken nuggets healthy). But my previous purpose in eating was always focused ONLY on pleasure and enjoyment and not AT ALL on how I am fueling my I hope to strike a great balance between the two! :)