Monday, January 4, 2010

Au Natural

I've done a heck of a lot of diets & weight loss programs over the years.  And through each one that I tried and failed at, I learned something about myself.  Things like:

**Tracking my every calorie (or "points") does not work for me.
**Extremely low-calorie, low-fat or low-carb diets don't work for me long term either.  I have had short term success losing weight on all of these, but whenever I began to "go back" to "normal" eating, the weight would begin to creep back on again.
**Ultra intense workout programs don't work out long-term for me either...same idea as above...if I can't sustain it for a long period of time, it won't last.

So I am not dieting this time.  I am not beginning some crazy intense workout plan either.  I am embarking on the lifestyle that I can and want to implement in my life long term...and that is pretty simple itself.  Here's the idea:

Eat NaturalAvoid the "White Stuff".

Basically this means that if the food (and all it's ingredients) doesn't directly come from the ground, a tree, an animal or other plant - then I won't eat it.  Also, if a quasi-natural ingredient goes through intensive processing to reach a new state (ie - refined sugar or white flour...the 'white stuff"), I also won't eat it.  My eating choices will consist of meat, cheese, fruit, veggies and whole grains.  For the first month (January 4th - February 4th), I will not consume whole grains & fruit.  There is nothing wrong with either of those foods.  But those foods have elements of sugars (albeit natural) in them.  Because I've subsisted nearly entirely on carbs and sugars, I want to give my body a chance to reset itself without being confused by the sugars in such foods.  If all is going well, I will introduce fruits and whole grains at that time.



  1. This is definitely an easier way to go than trying to follow some sort of "plan" or track a bunch of numbers. Just look at the ingredients, if they are real, then it is something you can eat (because your body will actually get nutrition from it!) if the ingredients are fake, don't eat it. You can pretty much get or make a "real" version of almost any food you can think of if you just take an extra minute to look at the ingredient labels. I submit that the ingredient labels are more important than the nutrition labels, but don't completely ignore those either ;) I think this is a good plan, it has worked for me and it not only leads to weight loss, but also a healthy body overall.

  2. I've also had success with this approach, but have found I need to know what I can have whenever I want and in any quantity (veggies) and what I need to limit (cheese for example). And sustainability is sooooo inmportant for long term success . . . and that may look different for each person. Go go go!

  3. Thanks Anonymous (aka Michelle!) and Cheryl for commenting! I'm feeling good eating the au natural way...though you make a good point Cheryl! Eating a ton of cheese or high fat natural food won't help me either! So it is eating naturally combined with portion control is really where it is at! :)