Monday, May 11, 2009

Day One...AGAIN!

I started this blog at the start of 2009 to make a point to really focus on "Making Over Me". That point quickly got lost, as it always has, in the midst of SOMETHING. Every day, month, year it is SOMETHING that I blame for losing focus on "Making Over Me". When I was single it was because I was so busy with work. When I was married it was because I was so busy with work AND being a wife to my husband. Now that I'm a mom of 3, it is because I am so busy at work, AND being a wife to my husband AND being a mom to J, L and A! By the way, I also have a dog, house, friends and extended family that need a bit of my attention too. So where is there room for me to pay attention to ME?

Well those excuses have served me well for many, many, many years. In fact those excuses have served me SO well that in the month of April I...

  • weighed in at the most that I've ever weighed EVER (for those of you who don't know how much that is (which is EVERYBODY), that is...or rather WAS... 296 pounds!!! Ahem...WHAT?!?! I've never been that close to 300 pounds EVER before in my life.
  • got the bill for the morning I spent in the Emergency Room in late March, where I was sent by my doc because every symptom I was having (crazy swollen feet, shortness of breath, heart palpitations) could have been symptoms of significant cardiac troubles (thankfully all heart issues were ruled out).
  • went on Hydrochlorothyrozide (aka - water pills) to hopefully help me shed the excess water my body has been hanging on to. So far there has been a little relief, but not much.
  • Found out my blood pressure was officially HIGH. No more of this "pre-hypertension" stuff or borderline stuff. My blood pressure was authentically HIGH. Like 141/100 high. For someone who grew up having blood pressure so scant that trained doctors couldn't find a pulse without a pressure cuff, this is especially significant.
My body was telling me LOUD and CLEAR that some things needed to change and drastically. Yet for the entire month of April I ignored them...honestly telling myself nearly EVERY DAY that I would start the healthy lifestyle tomorrow.
What a joke.
Tomorrow never came. Tomorrow I ate as bad as I did yesterday...and didn't work out neither.
Well my tomorrow has come. I am determined. Hubby & I decided this past weekend to jump on the South Beach diet again starting today. We shopped for it and prepared for it. Even weighed and measured ourselves and took "Before" photos for it (those will come in tomorrow's post!). Though it is termed the South Beach "Diet", it really will be a way of life for us. The way this diet is set up helps us go gradually into it. We want our lifestyle to have slim to no sugary, white flour, refined products in it. This diet takes them all away, then adds back in the whole grains, veggies and fruits in appropriate levels - re-teaching us how to eat to actually fuel our bodies rather than satisfy a tastebud.
So today was day one. I had 2 cheese sticks for b-fast (because I didn't wake up early enough and was running late out the door...that is another post for this blog, about the need to get adequate sleep!), a chicken BLT salad for lunch with honey mustard dressing and diet lemonade, another cheese stick for an afternoon snack, then pizza bites and eggplant slices for supper, nuts and a cheese stick for an evening snack, diet kool-aid and now some decaf coffee. It's a bit heavy on the cheese sticks (read: I don't know how to be creative with healthy snacks yet) and diet drinks (read: these give me the sense of getting something sweet without the calories and sugar. Not that artificial sweeteners are ideal either...but bear with me, I'll get there!
So it was a successful day. I'm determined for it to work - not only in eating healthy and getting my body healthier, but in so many other ways I want to "Make Over Me".
Watch and see the progress...

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  1. Holly, you are not alone in the discovery of health challenges that are completely reversible with weight loss...I'm right there with ya. It's just time, isn't it? One of my clues that I was truly ready was that as I sat eating some yummy-horrible-for-me food, I wasn't even enjoying it. I'm so glad I noticed that, because I realized in that moment that the pain of continuing with my bad habits was now greater than any pleasure I could derive from them. 2010 is going to be, well, dare I say epic?!! Glad we are doing this at the same time ~ always better when there's others cheering us one!