Thursday, May 14, 2009

EM vs DIAM...who wins?!?

So this has been week one of really focusing on Making Over Me. How have I done so far? Well, over the last four days, I would say that Monday, Tuesday and Today were days that I'd rank myself as making healthy choice 75% to 90% of the time. Wednesday was a bit of an ouch, and I ranked in at more like 50% of the time for Wednesday. However this entire week I have done better than my usual choices.

Also, tonight I wanted to play kickball, but then again I didn't because I didn't want to look silly. But my kids were playing and I had an inner battle with myself for a moment that went something like this:

Excuses Me (EM): Uh, I didn't exactly wear the right shoes or bra to play kickball with...

Do It Anyway Me (DIAM): So, it is a low key game. 3rd grade kids are playing Holly - get out there!

EM: But I run so slow - the 3rd grader will be able to get me out at first base!

DIAM: You are wanting to be more healthy - one way to get healthy is to get active!
EM: I know, but my boobs will be all bouncy and I'll probably kick the ball all kitty-wampus and make a fool out of myself.

DIAM: These people are your friends...who cares? Plus your kids are watching (and even playing)...what message do you want to send?

About then my friend busted me out of this inner debate. "We need someone in outfield Holly - are you in?"

Before I knew it, I said "Yep, I'm in!" The DIAM won!

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  1. You are funny...Monday morning gym time presents a similar discussion in my own head. Yah for you that DIAM won out!